Entry: A New Year Friday, January 02, 2004

Written by wInterAppLe
2nd January 2004

Itís 2004. Some aim to do better in their grades, some a better relationship with God and some a better character. For others, itís earning more than in 2003, get a wife, a car and a humungous house. As the New Year creeps in, new resolutions are made. As people figure out what they want to achieve and do, some just go with the wind and sail along through the year without a planned vision and resolution.

Iíve always done that including 2003 but in the middle of the year, I made targets and achieved them. In the middle of the year, plans changed Ö. I changed and that has made me think for something I will strive and work all the way to achieve until the end of the year. Nevertheless, there are targets and aims which cannot be forgotten and must not be put aside. Many leaders of churches, Christian Fellowships, Camps, Conferences and Christian organization come up with different vision statements and focuses for the year and for the event but are most forgotten after all is said and done.

This Christian Fellowship had many interesting and unique themes before the year 2003, for example Faith Keepers and Hope Bearers (2002). Every theme has its meaning and it has mostly been made to last. As Christians we were made to forever be faith keepers and to bear the hope Christ has brought into the world. Changing Hearts Impacting Lives Lah is another statement made which should not be abandoned. Changing is a command (Romans 12). Though it is difficult, it is possible by the strength and grace God provides. We have to always strive to change Ė to be like Jesus. As we change, impacting lives is also another command in the Bible. We live to carry our cross daily and these themes help us to focus, to remind us of our responsibility and duty.

You donít have to make New Year resolutions if you donít want to but these themes were made for you and the people around you - with God's permission and with His hand upon it. Keep striving and make these themes your lifelong guides. I know of a church campís theme with themes that tell a story and thatís cool. Strive for the best this year and as we wait for the coming CF theme, lets not forget the themes made for the past year.

As we plan for 2004, whatever our vision is, may Christ be the center of our focus and may all that we do glorify His Holy Name. May God continue to use this CF - to shine His light, to impact and influence this college and most importantly to bring more people into this Kingdom!

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